Underwater train from India to UAE!

Internetdesk: Indians are going to have a short-lived underwater train trip. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been planning to bring the underwater high speed train to India. The UAE’s National Advisory Bureau said it was planning to construct an underwater railroad from Fujuray city to Mumbai in the UAE. This was revealed by the company MD Abdullah Al-Shehihi. In this regard, the Times of Qatar published a story.

“We are planning to bring the Fujurir city from Mumbai in India to bring the underwater highside train. The project will contribute to further bilateral relations between the two countries. This is a good way to make export and imports from India, “said Khalidiz Times in his article. The underwater tunnel path will be built and trained by train. The rail network is about 2000 km away. Along with passengers, efforts are being made to facilitate the construction of the rail project in order to facilitate exports and imports between the two countries. Preparations are already being made in China and Japan to make such trains available to the public. Countries such as Australia, America, Israel and Britain are also planning to bring about such a railway system.


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