Valentine’s Polytar Paradise … Seychelles

“The 105th Island Complex of the Indian Ocean … is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year … The Republic of Seychelles’ … Mannam Krishnamurthy.

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together with South Africa visiting South Africa to see the beauty of Seychelles. Seychelles revenue resources are the seafood industry, agriculture, oil extraction, and manufacturing industries. The population of the country is less than a lakh. But … the honeymoon location for the elderly, the honeymoon location for the young people … The whole earth is the heavenly paradise of seashells. We flew to Mahe Island for five hours on Aircel Airlines flight from Johannesburg. Most of the islands are people. In some, it is not. 160 The area of ​​Mahe Island is the largest of all. The island’s largest airport is the International Airport, the largest port in the island. The second largest island is Praslin. Spacing 40 The airport also has a port.

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Sea ocean!
On the second day, we had breakfast soon and reached Praslin for 20 minutes from Mahe in flight. From there we talked to the car and traveled along the shores of Devtaara, Col de Oro and reached Lazio. We have forgotten ourselves for a while looking at the beach that has a white sand, silver-glazed granite rocks and lush green trees on the shore of the sea. The sagas are the rulers of the Puranas.

From there we traveled five minutes into the island of Currie Island. Just a square kilometer The island is the most beautiful tourist spot in Seychelles. In order to enter, 200 Seychelles (Rs.1,000) will be paid. The island, known as the Earth’s Paradise, is famous for the Black Sea, the largest turtle, and the Coco de Mer trees as Seychelles ornaments.

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Aldabra turtles, which are about a thousand feet tall, are found here. They are very friendly but very friendly. Usually, turtles are selected for hatching and hatching. But Aldabra giant turtles put eggs in daylight and preserve them. Hundreds of thousands of turtles are walking away from the shore and ocean in the ocean to the sight of the viewers. Then there were parrots with black feathers in the park. This black parrot is the national bird of Seychelles. This bird is most visible on the island of Curia.

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‘Love’ seed!
Coca-timer is the largest in Seychelles. This is called the sea coconut. These trees are extensive on this island. The coconut powder is roughly brown, with a weight of about 10 feet per kilo. This is the largest of all the seeds or seeds of the earth. These nuts are drowned in the water from the trees. After a few minutes, the peach gets crushed and the inner nut floats on the shore but does not sprout. The presence of these trees in the woods can also be similar to that of women and male masks. The seeds of females look at the heart to see. That is why they are called love nuts. These nuts are occasionally floating on the sea and reach the Maldives. If they get there, take them and give it to the king. Whether it is hiding or hiding it, the death penalty is wrong. They believe that they have many powers. There are a lot of stories surrounding these trees. On the night of storms, males will come to the waist, but they say that they are inappropriate or unhappy with their eyesight or die. These stories are widely known because they still do not fully understand how the fertility of these trees can be. UNESCO is recognized as the World Heritage Site by the Curious Island as it looks here.

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Rum with sugarcane
On the third day, we had breakfast and traveled to the east of Mae Island, where the car was talking. Our driver did not have trouble coming into English. After seeing the Seychelles beach club Seychelles Golf Club, we came to the village of Deval, an artisan village. There are also Victoria’s artworks, wooden boats, small children’s toys, decorative equipment, and fruit shops. They looked all over and looked at the distillery. There the sugar cane is fermented and made of rum. Then it went to the University of Seychelles. This is the only university in the country. There is free education from basic education to college. Upon visiting the University, Mahe reached Anne Intendance on the south coast. Now there is white sand. There are hills in the middle of the beach. There were green trees and trees on the trees.

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National Park
Mahe traveled long on the west coast and made an afternoon lunch at Maria Rock Cafeteria. Then we reached the Grand Anse village. We had a little rest in the resort and got to Marne, a national park. It is 20 percent of the Mahe Island area. There are many varieties of trees. And there are all the lights there. The high giant, the lowland from below, the valley to the bottom of the valley … the area is very pleasant. There is a tea garden here.

On the day of the morrow went to the north of Mae Island. First, we reached a small mountain called pliers. Victoria Harbor is visible from here. Nearby is the Victoria Park. Environmental friendly tourism is described in the sphere of conservation of plants and landscaping cultivation. The Seychelles Environment Ministry is developing this garden with special care. The entrance fee is 10 Seychelles for foreigners to enter this line. After watching it, I went to an ancient library called Kenwyn House. There have been preserved centuries of books. From there, we reached the historic site of Tour de Harlag, a clock tower, a Pontee Jubilee Diamond Mound, and a Hindu temple called Vidyasagar.

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Artificial island
Then Beu Waallo reached the beach for a while and went to the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. This is the most populous place in the country. The residence of the king of the country is here. It’s very common. Before that, there were only two security guards. Then we looked at Jardines Enpont in Victoria and reached the Zigzag Ward area from Akkan. Eden, an artificial island in the sea, was built in the style of Dubai Palm Juvera. It is connected to Mae Island with the bridge.

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Another feature of Seychelles is Preston Island. It is the heaven of the world’s wealth. A resident of the resort is worth over Rs 3 lakh a day. The hotel will come from the Mahe airport and take him to the helicopter. Without trying to get there, Mahe Island is back to the island.


How to go
Direct flights to Mae Island are available for five days from Terminal 2 from Mumbai International Airport. Locals speak English. EUR or USD can be changed anywhere. But the price of food items is above fourfold. Hotel reservation, return tickets, six-month passport, an annual free visa will be available if you can show $ 150 per day. You can visit the country for 30 days.


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