Want To Win PUBG Then Follow These Tips To Win PUBG

PUBG is the popular and most played game in the world where 100 players battling each other to be the last man stand. Here is some tips for you to get Winner Winner chicken dinner.

Want To Win PUBG Then Follow These Tips To Win PUBG

Before aiming or shooting any enemy crouch or go prone which will help you to cover yourself. Get adequate knowledge about which gun you are using because some guns move top and bottom, while others can move right or left during shooting.

Adding to the above point, you should know which attachments you need to attach with you guns. Attachments like angled foregrip, half grip and light grip, compensators for ARs, SMGs and Snippers. Most of the time while using an automatic gun, players forget that the auto mode increases the recoil of the weapon and hence they have to counter the recoil for the next shot.

Get used too with both fire buttons left and right, if you don’t have two fire buttons then enable two fire buttons — left and right side of the screen. While sniping or shooting a long-range target always use single or burst mode in your gun.


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