Woman gives birth to triplets and shows her belly a week after delivery

Maria is a mother originally from Norway who recently gave birth to her three adorable children: Iben, Agnes and Filip. Yes, it was a triplet in single delivery!

She and her husband Anders already had a son and they wanted to give him a little brother to play with, but – Life give them, surprise! – Not one: there were three of them.

She is Maria and her huge belly

Woman gives birth to triplets and shows her belly a week after delivery

Maria, who is a television producer, recorded the progress of her pregnancy month after month . It was amazing to watch how each week her belly grew and grew.

Her followers on Instagram were fascinated … and we too. How could a thin woman bear with so much weight? Yes you can with lot of love and patience…

The adorable babies were born on September 12

Beautiful and healthy

But what happened to that belly?

Maria showed her appearance a week after giving birth. You could see everything that pregnancy has did to her skin…Hers skin had stretched a lot like a sack.

Proudly shows his body

It was a pregnancy that gave her new experiences, both good and bad, but nothing makes her happier than having her children in her arms, even if that means a high effort to make.

The couple changed car, room and began to do a thousand and one juggling for the new members.

But it’s well worth it!

It is pure love! I did not see a mother who proudly flaunt her body after giving birth in that short span of time…Did you? Tell me your thoughts about body positivity


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