Write about Infrastructural Support Schemes to Small-Scale industries.

An adequate infrastructural facility is very important because it contributes to the economic development both by increasing productivity and by providing amenities which will enhance the quality of life and the services which will lead to growth in production. Infrastructure adequacy helps determined success in diversifying production, expanding trade, coping with a supply of various inputs and improving environmental conditions for the small-scale sector. In this context, the following infrastructural support schemes have been formulated.
1. The Integrated Infrastructural Development Scheme (IID): It is meant for augmenting infrastructural facilities in the rural and backward areas with a special emphasis on the linkages between the agriculture and industry. The criteria to be followed for the selection of a site for IID centers are preceded by a comprehensive industrial potential survey, indicating the potentialities for SSIs and tiny units.
2. The Small Industry cluster: It may be defined as a sectoral and geographical concentration of enterprises. It may be a local agglomeration of enterprises, which produce and sell a range of related and complementary products and services. These clusters enable the SSLs to derive their strength through a unique state of togetherness.
3. Industrial Growth Centre Scheme: It was launched in 1980 for the promotion of industries in the backward areas. The main objective of this growth center is to provide the best possible infrastructural facilities, to avail institutional finance etc for their overall development.
4. Export Processing Zones (EPZs ): These are industrial areas which from enclaves from the nation’s customs territory of a country. Normally, they are developed in the nearby
area of seaports or airports. These zones are under obligation to export the entire production of its units. Each zone is provided with the basic infrastructural facilities at reduced rates and includes other incentives provided by the State Government as well.
5. Integrated Industrial Parks (IIPs): These may be defined as self-contained islands providing high-quality infrastructure facilities. They include the specialized industrial clusters both for the domestic and the export market. These parks are an ideal vehicle for providing integrated infrastructural facilities and are an essential requirement for industrialization in developing countries. They are usually targeted at small and medium scale industries with a focus on high value-added output.


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