WWE News: Former Champion Was Original Opponent Of Ronda Rousey On This Week’s WWE Raw

WWE News: Former Champion Was Original Opponent Of Ronda Rousey On This Week’s WWE Raw

Ronda Rousey defended WWE Raw Women’s Championship at . Ruby Riott was her opponent during the bygone title match which was a squash one. Riott could have barely thrown any resistance on that PPV night. But she received a second chance on the very next night on WWE Raw to seek retribution.

The creative team has inserted Ronda Rousey against Ruby Riott. These two squared off on WWE Raw in the main event spotlight. The outcome of the match remained the same despite The Riott Squad were at ringside to offer the challenger some advantages. This time, Rousey retained after a tough fight.

Plus, the match earned some negative reactions due to some major botches by Ronda Rousey. Fans showered the WWE Raw women’s champion with negative reactions. But she was not the one to blame for. The original planning for her on this week’s show from Lafayette was different. She was about to face Alexa Bliss in a short matchup.

As reported by Wrestling Observer, the five-time women’s champion was going to answer and open title challenges thrown by Ronda Rousey. But the creative team had to alter the plans after Seth Rollins’ injury turned out to be much severe. He did not appear in front of the live audience leaving a big void.

Ronda Rousey vs. Ruby Riott main event match had to make that up going overtime. The champion had to compete on a short-term notice that is why we can’t blame her for the botched. Furthermore, it also ruled Alexa Bliss out from a title match after a long time. Here’s more on this courtesy SportsKeeda.com,

“Rousey’s original opponent for Raw was Alexa Blis where she was supposed to job in a short match, but after Rollins wasn’t cleared, the company was forced to add time to Rousey’s match and decided that Riott and the former UFC Champion would be much more comfortable putting together a lengthy match.”

Ronda Rousey has been on a championship reign on WWE Raw since last year’s Summerslam. There’s no wonder why the company would want this to be the title-holder for a long time. A mainstream name like her can garner mainstream attention with ease keeping the TV ratings intact. This also makes the sponsors happy.

Unlike the other UFC superstar present on the WWE Raw roster, Ronda Rousey performs on each of the pay-per-views or the weekly editions. It’s really a rare attribute for a marquee superstar like her. But she has been able to take her status to a benchmark level with this never say dying attitude. We have seen her competing in two back to back title matches owing to that same fighting spirit.


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